Friday, May 16, 2014

The return of Baby Nilly

I'm back! With updates of the lil one that's not so little of this space!

Mommy&Aida day out #wafflemeister <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!!

Aida's 1st birthday party was held on Sunday, 8th April 2007 at our Sri Putramas Condo, Jalan Kuching.

The Birthday girl with her proud parents. (please ignore the minyak face, it was teribbly humid that we rushed back from University Hospital to visit Moyang Nenek that morning)

Makan time! the party was held in the morning so that it will finish just in time before Aida's afternoon nap. Here Aida's having her nasi lemak!

Before cutting the cake, Tok Ki baca doa

Happy 1st Birthday Aida Nilyda Adi Atmaputra

moga didalam lindungan dan rahmatNya selalu anakku yang tersayang...

The proud Grandparents with their first cucu.

Distributing the devillish Chocolate Fudge! Yum! (Did anyone notice Aida's cute fairy wing?)

Aida's Majlis Tedak translation not available, but the idea of the ceremony was for Aida to pick something out of the 7 things offered. Aida picked books which indicates be exact she took the 'Malaysian Federal Constitution' - our next Federal Judge perhaps? teehehee

then sajak recital by Moyang Atok. The sajak was spontaneously created by Moyang Atok at this special occasion...thank you Atok!

when Dan met Aida...both jual mahal!

aftermath...aik...where's everyone? ooo...kemas time everyone lari yeaa (you know who you are! ;) )

While you were sleeping...-your Aunty Oja n Aunty Sya toyed around with your balloons!!!

The BIG picture

plus Mommy's guest - they made it to the party although they got lost in finding the venue. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it!
and Alhamdulillah, the party went well. Our personal thanks to all of you who made Aida's first birthday party a memorable one...

and in the wee hours of the day after----
Daddy flew back to Sydney. Goodbye Daddy! We gonna miss you...

Last Days...

Napping...tired coz helping Mommy packing? nopeee........

this is why!
Aida got three jabs for her 12th months lil' girl...but Aida was strong though. She only cried when she received the last jab, and that also lasts merely 2 minutes!

last Sydney train ride...

On 29th March 2007 Aida first set foot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
L - R : Daddy, Tok Ki, Tok Wan, Tok Abah, Mommy, Aida, Tok Ayah, Tok Ma, Tok Mama & Moyang Atok.
Not in picture : Aunty Dott & Uncle Nick

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Going places...

House warming / kenduri doa selamat Uncle Sam and Aunt Ros's new crib. (4th March 2007)

Aida 'warming up' to the students there

checking out a handfan or rather tearing it apart?

playtime with other kiddies while people outside 'baca doa'...

Aqiqah Anisa - Malaysia Hall 9th March 2007

L - R : some kakak, Anisa, Hani & Aida

Mommy with Aida, Aunty Shahidah, Aunty Shida & Taty (Anisa's mom)

and of course Aida was so happy she got to play & crawl around

Lunch at IKEA Homebush

Excited playing with IKEA colorful bowls n spoons...

mommy!pleaseee give me back the bowl and spoon...

fine! Daddy and Mommy will be your 'trash bin' as usual...its not easy being a parent peeps!

after lunch went to check out things for our little princess. Can't wait to get Aida a room of her own!

Hooters Parramatta

Daddy was trying very hard not to gawk over the hot girls in orange...hehehe

meanwhile Aida's eyes were glued to the telly...watching sports!?

and NO Uncle pics of girls in their orange hotpants, but hey, here's our very own Hooters girl =>>>>>
hands down better than ANY Hooters eh?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sydney Mardi Gras 2007

p/s: Tok Ma, don't be shocked ok...its just to experience how it is celebrated...and btw Aida's young memory will not store the images of half-naked people and the men-kissing-men, women-kissing-women scenes...hehehe

For peep who knows what a Mardi Gras is...erm...Sydney's MG is pretty much a gay thing, like the one in Chicago...therefore throughout the whole parade, there was only ONE flashing boobies! Sorry guys, stick to New Orleans next time round...

For those who have no clue what a Mardi Gras is, dig up the Google ya'all!!

For starters, we were among this crowd can't really take nice close-ups pics and we decided not to risk Aida's safety by braving ourselves to the front among the drunk who were in festive mood. Neways, enjoy!

As fas as my eyes can crawl that nite, it was just us and this Swedish couple who came with a baby as our accessories! Half-time thru the parade, our lil' princess decided it was too boring for her...

some of the worth-a-shout entries :-
'troy-soldier' (there's opening at the horse' rear! ahem...)

IKEA uols! check out the black dude...

boxing boys from the House of Priscilla

and KYLIE of course! nope...the Aussie pop princess was not there herself, just her devotees making a tribute...but the moment her songs blast out, the crowd went wilddddd! And so did Mommy! Lalala...lalalala can't get you outta my head... ;p

And finally some clearer photos dipinjam from the website, just to do justice for my dear readers, teehee...